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Can I have my Ebook delivered in a different file type?Updated 7 months ago

Verso eBooks are only delivered as EPUB files. EPUB files are the most popular file format extension used for the storage of eBooks as they are flexible and lightweight. They are also "reflowable" which means they adapt to whatever screen you are viewing them on.

  • We do not provide eBooks as PDF files.
  • We do not provide eBooks as MOBI files. Amazon/Kindle stopped requiring MOBI files a few years ago and now all Kindle devices can have .epub files uploaded to them using one of the "Send-to-Kindle" options. See this guide for more information:

Please note, that since EPUB files are "reflowable", they are not suitable for standard academic referencing, as they do not contain page numbers. However, there are separate guidelines for citing such unpaginated ebooks for each referencing style.

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